Ian Akin
As a writer, Ian co-produced the nationally syndicated comic strip, FLUFF, with creator and artist Nina Paley.

Terry Beatty
Terry has written columns and articles on comics for such publications as Comics Buyers Guide and Comics Collector, as well as collaborating on several books with his wife, author Wendy Lee.

Stephen Bliss
Based in London Steven has kept himself busy producing his own comic strips, Baby on the Brink, Al Beano and Spinky and Spanky. He has also worked in advertising designing brand characters for Fosters Iced Beer, Nintendo, Sony, MTV and more. Bliss worked with Gibson Greetings on a line of greeting cards.
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Jack Enyart
Jack is a noted writer for all phases of television animation. He has worked in development at Marvel productions, Fox television/films, Hanna Barbera, MGM and more. Jack also worked on the popular series Alvin and the Chipmunks for Bagdasarian Productions, Jack was responsible for writing, story editing and voice overs.

Paul Jenkins
 Along with his comic writing work (Acclaim's Deadside), Paul is also developing his own animated series, Underwear Jim Jones.

Wendi Lee
Wendy is a western/detective novelist who has created her own stories such as, The Good Daughter, Missing Eden, and The Overland Trail. She has also written for Tekno comix on the series Lady Justice. Wendy has also co-written work with her husband Terry Beatty such as Dick Tracy: The Secret Files, Dracula: The Prince of Darkness and Murder Most Delicious and Frankenstein: The Monster Wakes, amongst others.

Nigel Long
A Fleetway writer, Nigel is best known for Cannon Fodder with Chris Weston. He is considering several projects stateside.

Eric Luke
 Eric is an established writer for film and television, with scripts for Gargoyles and other Disney animated series. In comics, he made an impact with his well written scripts for Ghost (Dark Horse) and Wonder Woman (DC).

Mark Martin
 A great humor writer and artist, having created many characters and series like Nickelodeon Magazine's Ray-9 series among his many creator-owned strips.
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Rex Miller
 A powerful suspense writer who has garnered many positive reviews of his work.

Ron Miller
Ron's paintings grace dozens of books and magazines, and he has produced a card set of his images, Firebrands: Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy, for Comic Images, which he both painted and wrote. He is currently putting together several book projects and negotiating for CD-ROMs and movies of his characters, as well as considering ideas for new card sets.

Pat Mills
 Pat has for many years been one of the top writers in his native UK and here. He created Marshal Law, Nemesis the Warlock, with Kevin O'Neill, and Judge Dredd. He has written nearly every book for Fleetway, and has contributed stories to both Marvel and DC titles, including Punisher. Currently he is one of the lead writers on Batman for DC Comics.

Tom Sniegoski
 Tom's work has featured on Harris Pub. Vampirella comic series and also a feature in Jeff Smith's Bone "Riblet".

JR Smith
 JR Smith has written for Marvel Comics on Clive Barker's Hellraiser. Currently writing the independent comic Cavewoman.

Andrew Trabbold
Andrew has been a long time White Wolf contributor. Andrew is currently working on an up and coming DC Comics project to debut in 1999.

Frank Turner
 Writer and artist of the original series, Government Issued, Farnk is adept at both skills.
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Kirby Wright
 Kirby specializes in the creation of fables, dreamscapes and apocalyptic places. Kirby has won numerous awards for his creative writing ability.