Completed Jobs

With artist/ designer specialists and full service toy development studios, our talent has worked on many well known toy lines, for both boys and girls, including dolls, action figures, cars, activity toys, play sets and more.
With years of dependability and ability to handle jobs well under pressure have earned loyalty from their toy producing clients. 

Burnett Design
Specializing in prototypes, original concepts, licensed products and production patterns. Some of their credits include work for Disney, Warner Bros. and more.

Tomm Coker
In addition to his comics and game design work, Tomm has designed toys for various companies, including Hasbro's Transformers & Tyco.

Anna Maria Cool
Anna Marie has worked on Barbie for Marvel and for Hallmark on Imaginanimals and other licensed characters.

Carl Critchlow

From the UK, Carl has worked on toy designs along with his other illustration work.

James Daly

All around artist, James has done gaming illustrations, comic books, advertizing art, toy figures and electronic gaming design.

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Draxhall Jump Studios

Founded by Ken Lashley, the studio has worked with a number of toy companies, including  Hasbro, Hasbro interactive, Mattel, Tyco and Endless Horizons. At Hasbro's Toys alone the studio has worked on Toy Designs for: Transformer's Beast Machines, MIB, Small Soldiers, Centiped, Action Man, Batman, and Tonka Joe.

Michael Evert
Specializing in human likenesses, Michael's work is best known for it's quality. Among other toy projects, he sculpted the head for the Gene doll.

Ale Garza

Besides being a busy comic book artist, Ale has worked on design projects for Wildstorm Productions.

Miki Gross
Miki has worked on illustrations for fashion paper doll books and produced her own fashion doll newsletter. She has also illustrated Barbie for Sunshine books.

Sue Hall
Illustrator and plush designer specializing in girls toy development. Sue has worked for Disney and many other companies.

Terri Hardin
Terri has numerous credits in the world of film and television. Among Terri's numerous movie credits some of the highlights are: work with ILM to create the fat suit prototype for the Spawn movie, for the movie Mars Attacks Terri sculpted the Presidential parakeets, and sculpted the prehistoric ground sloth for Relic. For television, Terri designed and constructed the Foster Farms Chickens for the Foster Farms commercials. In addition to design and construction she plays the passenger chicken in that series of commercials.

Rick Johnson
Rick has done toy designs for Hasbro, Toy Biz, Troll & Toad and other toy companies. He has done comic art for WildStorm and Marvel. Rick is also a very talented sculptor.

Brian Kavanagh

Brian Kavanagh had a long track record at Hasbro working on a variety of projects including designs for action figures and vehicles. Today, he is busy working with a variety of companies, including Equity Marketing.

Milan Kavanagh

Milan has worked on a number of girls and boys projects including figures and playsets.

Dan Lawlis
In addition to his acclaimed comic book and illustration work, Dan has rendered toy designs for several manufacturors, including the revided Captain Action dolls and Hasbro.

Scott LeBerecht
Scott has sculpted such characters as Magneto, Rogue and Wolverine amongst others for Creative License and worked on Jurassic Park for Universal. He has also worked at ILM as an art director for visual effects on the Spawn movie.

Pam Licaretz
Pam specializes in costuming and plush design work. She has worked for all of the major toy companies including: costuming for Mattel on their Lil' Miss Jeweled Princess and Lil' Miss Candy Stripes dolls. Pam was also responsible for costuming the Anastasia doll line for Galoob.

Karen Lyons
Designer who specializes in show protoypes and display characters. Karen's designs were used on the Pee Wee Herman Show as well as Disneyland amongst others.
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Gianna Marino
Gianna's multi-talent in this area includes preliminary designs from initial concepts, refining outside inventions, developing lines and working with sculptors. Some of her many projects include Skydancers, Pound Puppies, Playsets, Backpack Club dolls & Playsets and Spice Girls. She has worked for many companies including Galoob, OddzOn and Empire Toys.

Mark Martin
Known for his hilarious comics and strips, Mark recently worked for Gibsons Greetings creating comic illustrations for a new line of cards and several toy companies. He currently has an animation project in development.

Theresa Miller
In addition to her work in sculpture, illustration and animation, Theresa has worked with every major licensed character for toy development at Warner Bros., Universal, Disney and other companies.

Rolf Mohr
Rolf has done visual concepting and story development for various film/merchandising cross-over and toy projects: Superman Lives (Hasbro/Warner Bros.)-character, costume, ship designs including main Brainiac & alien tech suit concept. Cowboys & Aliens (Hasbro/Dreamworks)-Alien & vehicle designs for film concept based on American Indian influences. Helen of Troy: Exo (Hasbro/Dreamworks)-Mech warrior, robot and creature designs for retro-future mythological film concept. Also provided plot synopsis suggestion based on Homer/Greek mythology. Hasbro/Kenner-character & vehicle development for Transformers:Beast Wars, Batman Netrunner (Mattel Toys)-Interactive play set concepting & vehicle design illustrations.

Ron Peters
Ron has worked with Galoob Toys, Educational Insights, Malibu Comics, Mattel, Disney and more designing toys and related material. Ron has worked on Godzilla and Extreme Ghostbusters plus Casper for Trendmasters.

Barb Rausch
Barb has done work on Barbie for Mattel and Beauty and the Beast for First. Barb's been creating marvelous cartoons and comics for years.

Roger Robinson
Roger penciled Prototype, Warstrike for Malibu, Spiderman 2099 for Marvel and Flash, Justice League Task Force and Eradicator for DC. He is the regular artist on DC's Azrael and is designing toys for Hasbro.

Louis Scarborough
Louis has taken his storyboard design experience and worked it into his toy design work for Hasbro.

Liam Sharp
In addition to his comic book and illustration work, Liam has worked on toy design projects for various manufacturors.

Jane Weech
After working as an in-house designer at American Greetings Jane began working as a freelance designer. She has created memorable exclusive plush characters for Wal-Mart as well as licensed characters for Mattel.