Terry Beatty
Best known for years of work as a comics artist, Terry is also an excellent sculptor. He has remarkable versatility and style.

Tim Bruckner
Tim is a talented sculptor who's resume speaks volumes about his experience. Tim has worked with Toy Biz, Hasbro, Disney and more. Most recently, he has worked with DC Comics doing statues (Superman, Supergirl and Voodoo) and action figures (Vertigo line's Sandman; Superhero's Green Lantern-Green Arrow, Black Canary).

Curt Chiarelli
Curt worked with Universal Studios designing maquette figure sculpts. He has also done figure sculpts and model fabrication for Warner Bros., MTV, Silicon Graphics, Accolade, Sega, NBA and more.
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Tony Cipriano
Hand picked by Comedy Central to be the official South Park sculpture artist. Tony has worked on sculptures for Creative License, Applause, DC, and more. He also sculpted maquettes for the Disney movie Mulan. His most recent project is the Yellow Submarine Model kit set of the four Beatles.

Devoe Visual Studios
From concept design to dimensional fabrication, Devoe studio does it all. They worked with AVG sculpting Disney characters for the Disney store amongst others.

Michael Evert
Specializing in human likenesses, Michael's work is best known for it's quality. Among many projects the most notable was sculpting supermodel Christy Turlington's head for Pucci Manikin, to be used in the new York Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has also sculpted for the Gene doll.

Mo Flint (Blue Radish Studios)
Designed Happy Meals premiums for McDonalds. They have also sculpted toys for the PBS show "The Puzzle Place."

Glenn Hanz
Glenn has worked on design maquettes for movies such as Men in Black, Nine Months, Stargate and Thinnner. Glenn has also worked with Horizon Hobbies creating memorable model kits for characters such as Dracula Bat Creature, she Hulk and more.
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Terri Hardin
Terri has numerous credits in the world of film and television. Among Terri's numerous movie credits some of the highlights are: work with ILM to create the fat suit prototype for the Spawn movie, for the movie Mars Attacks Terri sculpted the Presidential parakeets, and sculpted the prehistoric ground sloth for Relic. For television, Terri designed and constructed the Foster Farms Chickens for the Foster Farms commercials. In addition to design and construction she plays the passenger chicken in that series of commercials.

David Lea
A sculptor and mold maker David has developed giftware and product sculpture for Disney's Winnie the Pooh characters amongst many others.

Scott LeBerecht
Scott has sculpted such characters as Magneto, Rogue and Wolverine amongst others for Creative License and worked on Jurassic Park for Universal. He has also worked at ILM as an art director for visual effects on the Spawn movie.

Jim Licaretz
An extraordinary talent who has worked in all forms of sculpted medium. His resume includes work from the Franklin Mint, Disney, Mattel, Hanna Barbera and more.

Eli Livingston
Eli Livingston is a sculptor.

John Loomis
A prototype sculptor for models, toys, collectibles and special effects companies. John has completed work on numerous licensed products for The Wizard of Oz, Johnny Quest, Gone With the Wind, The Jetsons and more.

Teresa Miller

Teresa specializes in Disney character designs and sculpts running from the classic characters through to feature movies figures.

The Shiflett Studio
The Shiflett Brothers are well known for the explosive action and inventive style of their sculpts. Fan favorite pieces include Wolverine (Toy Biz), Goth (Verotik), and Lady Death.

Gregory Smith
Greg specializes in larger style sculpts often used in store displays, commercials and movies. He sculpted Disney Store characters, the character Little Face from the movie Dick Tracy and has done commercial work for Fosters Beer and more.

Susumu Sugita
A favorite for his wild style and detail he has sculpted Satanika and other figures for Verotik. Plus Star Wars Maquettes for George Lucas Vampirella and many characters from animation and books based in his native Japan. In his homeland of Japan he is considered to be one of the best. He has also worked on Batman and Godzilla.

Tullymonster Designs specializes in sculpting and design work for the toy industry. This studio has worked on TMNT, X-Men, Star Trek, Dick Tracy, Disney's Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and more. They have worked with premiums, action figures and cars.
Carol Bauman of Tullymonster currently creates creatures and models for Industrial Light and Magic. She contributed to the re-released Star Wars Trilogy, adding creatures. Some of their other clients include: Playmates, Tyco and ILM.

Peter Tumminello
In addition to his respected work in animation and multimedia gaming, Peter works as a freelance sculptor for Warner Brothers Studio Stores.

Paul Wilczynski
Paul specializes in toy and product development from concept to prototype. His credits include work with IBM, Xerox, Mattel, Hasbro, Playskool and many more.