Carlos Batts
The talented team of photographer Carlos Batts and various computer artist's, have created an amazing portfolio of fine art pieces perfect for trading cards, book covers and comics.
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Very popular and famous for his work in European comics, Ciampi has been working with DC on a upcoming Supermans' Elseworlds painted one-shot.
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Ciruelo Cabral has had a long carrer for his ealry years, as one of his first paintings was published when he was only seventeen.

Ernie Colon

Ernie Colon specializes in everything- pen & ink and painting.. and styles: cartooning, illustration.

Carl Critchlow
Carl is a leading painter for comics and fantasy projects. His work includes Judge Dredd (Fleetway) and  Batman/Judge Dredd (DC/Fleetway), and trading cards for both Marvel and DC comics characters.

Michael Drake
Designer and painter who has worked in film and painted trading cards.
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Drew is a painter, computer colorist and Graphic designer. Drew has worked foe Image Comics and other perodicals

John Estes
John is a celebrated painter whose work includes a Batman/Deadman graphic novel and paintings for Star Wars licensed projects.
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Rafael Garres
Rafael has painted beautiful covers for Marvels' Conan El Barbaro as well as DC's The Spectre
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Juan Gimenez
Contributing thousands of pages of amazing comic stories., Juan has also painted numerous book covers and magazine illustrations.

Shen Goldman
Shen specializes in airbrushing, packaging, portraits and painted illustrations. Shen is a painter with a very realistic style.

Eric Larnoy
Eric Larnoy specializes in paintings for French graphic novels.

Dan Lawlis
After working for Marvel, DC and Majestic, Dan has done Barb Wire and Agents of the Law for Dark Horse. He painted Star Lord by Star Wars novelist Tim Dzon, for Marvel.

Olivier LeDroit
 Olivier specializes in paintings for French graphic novels.

Paul Lopez

He has produced great animation style paintings for Disney and recently , a series of ads for Sea World.

Greg Loudon
Aside from being an award winning commercial artist, Greg is also a fine painter. Among other things he has painted AIDS awareness cards (Eclipse), covers for Archon's series of Noir novels, cards for Wizards of the Coast and covers for White Wolf.

Esteban Maroto
Estaban Maroto has a long and celebrated career as a fantasy painter doing everything from painted comics to book and magazine covers.

Mark Martin

Mark is a great humor writer, illustrator and painter. He has produced his own comic strips and books with painted covers along with painting illustrations for various magazine text features.

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Shawn McManus

Shawn has painted comic book covers aa well as children's book illustartions.

Ron Miller
Ron's paintings grace dozens of books and magazines, and he has produced a card set of his images, Firebrands: Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy, for Comic Images, which he both painted and wrote. He is currently putting together several book projects and negotiating for CD-ROMs and movies of his characters, as well as considering ideas for new card sets.

Jeff Miracola

This artist has produced strong painted work. His craft is really skilled at monsters and creatures.

Robert Mentor
R. Mentor's distinctive airbrushed illustrations have graced the covers of Dark Horse Comics' Aliens: Colonial Marines, Star Wars (UK Edition) and Sex Warrior. More recently he has been specializing in digital media to create fantasy photo-enhancements of models such as the cover for Brainstrom COmics' Vamperotica Magazine #1 featuring model Tika Monsarrat.

Tom Morgan

Besides having a great career as a storyboard, comic book and toy artist, Tom is also a gifted painter, especially likenesses.

Cliff Nielsen
Cliff is an award winning commercial and fine artist. He has painted trading cards for Fleer and Homage Studios. Cliff is renowned for his work on the X-Files card sets for Topps. He has also painted covers for Del Ray and Ballantine books and also DC Comics. Cliff also provided graphics works for both McFarlane Productions and DC comics.

Terese Nielsen
Terese painted Ruins, Amazing Fantasy and Code of Honor for Marvel. She has painted images for Fleer/Marvel sets, Portraits of a Universe and Skybox/DC's Life of Superman card set. She has also provided many cards and covers for Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf , TSR and Xena (Topps).

Dean Ormston

Dean's beautiful full color painting style has won him work on such titles as 2000AD, including their leading character Judge Dredd, as well as Judge Death story lines.

Rob Prior
Rob is an airbrush painter who has worked on Spawn the Impaler for Image. Rob is currently working on Lost Heroes featuring likenesses of Babylon 5 stars.

Riceman Studios
Riceman studios is the union of Sputnic Chuang and Daniel Chiu. Their experience covers a wide array of fields including advertising, print and television industries. Currently Sputnic and Daniel are working for Disney Feature Animation and Universal Studios Creative Group.
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Zina Saunders
Following her famous father, Zina has painted for a variety of commercial uses: cards (Mars Attacks), book covers, greeting cards, foreign stamps and fantasy illustrations.

Liam Sharp
Liam has done amazing things with The Incredible Hulk for Marvel and penciled GOTH for Verotik as well as doing a Batman for DC. He's drawn DeathDealer for Verotik and Manthing for Marvel.

Bill Sienkiewicz

He has painted for just about everything: Toy packaging for Toy Biz, Design work for ILM, Comic covers for all the major companies, and more.

Tom Simonton
Tom Simonton has painted a number of book and magazine covers for various publishers.
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Lorenzo Sperlonga
Lorenzo Sperlonga is a painter.  He has painted covers for Marvel magazine, European comics & magazines, and book covers.   Sperlonga has done work in animation.

Greg Staples
Greg works on 2000AD and Judge Dredd for Fleetway. He's painted Slaine the Beserker and worked on the popular Loaded game from Interplay.

Alexi Taylor

Alexi has produced great painted comic book pages for Marvel's Amazing Fantasy.

Chris Weston
Chris has worked on Swamp Thing, Grant Morrison's Invisibles and has worked for Fleetway. His magnum opus book Canon Fodder debuted in 1996. He has been asked to lead off with one of the first series in DC's new science fiction line.