Edmund Bagwell
Multi-talented Edmund Bagwell is not only an illustrator, but he also designs for games and multi-media entertainment companies.
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An accopmlished painter and illustrator, Ciruelo is also a talented digital artist.

Carl Critchlow

One of Carls many talents besides beautiful full color painting, and illustrations for Fleetway and DC, is multimedia design.

James Daly
In addition to his comics work, James creates graphics, illustrations and designs for the multimedia gaming company, Ion Storm and other companies.

Draxhall Jump
Artist Ken Lashley founded his studio to provide designs for various entertainment arts including:  electronic media, animation and other fields. Among these include video box art, character and background style guides  for Golden Film, Nelvanna and Lucas Games. 

Ben Herrera
Along with illustrating for many comic companies including Marvel, Malibu, and Image, Ben provided desgin artwork for the interactive game developer Ion Storm.

Rolf Mohr
Rolf has worked on cutting edge interactive entertainment for leading software developers:Core Design-Backgrounds for graphic adventure  Curse of Enchantia, designed and art directed Universe. Participated in early design and discussion meetings on Tomb Raider. Sony Computer Ent. Europe-Internal developement of various Playstation R&D and game projects Cyberjack, Mean Arenas, Prosche Challenge. Dreamworks Interactive-Worked primarily on Trespasser: www.trespasser.com A digital sequel to Jurassic Park The Lost World for PC & CD-ROM. Created and textured mapped real-time structures, props and environments. An ambitiously advanced game engine with real world physics-simulationm and autonomous self-animating dinosaurs. Novalogic- Visual designer and 3d modeler on Tachyon, space combat simulation for PC & CD-ROM.

Greg Staples
Greg's distinctive style won him praise for his contributed designs and illustrations to the popular "Loaded" game from Interplay.

Alexi Taylor

Besides working for Marvel Comics on Amazing Fantasy #17, as well as a four page Spiderman watercolor illustration, Alexi also performed digital art via 2D texture and color maps for 3D models on Starship Troopers. He has also performed motion picture caption and assisted in model creation and animation cleanup.