Bear Byte Graphics
Headed by Kevin horn, this studio specializes in digital imaging, computer coloring and graphic design for the comic book industry. With eighteen years experience as an illustrator and graphic designer, Kevin has many comic book credits including: Vengeance of Vampirella #2 (Harris Comics), Shadowhawk (cover for image), and Cain (cover for Harris).

Stephen Bliss

Stephen has worked on many different types of designs for a great number of companies such as MTV, Fosters Australian Beer, and Gibson.

Draxhall Jump
The multi-talented Draxhall Jump Studio founded by Ken Lashley, has designed toy faire display presentation art  for Imaginary Limitz as well as packaging art designs for Hasbro and Mattel Toys along with video box art for Golden Film.

Joe King
Joe specializes in packaging design art. Joe worked with Playmates packaging on Star Trek, The Next Generation, Toxic Crusaders. The Adams Family and more.

Riceman Studios
Riceman studios is the union of Sputnic Chuang and Daniel Chiu. Their experience covers a wide array of fields including advertising, print and television industries. Currently Sputnic and Daniel are working for Disney Feature Animation and Universal Studios Creative Group.

Barry Stephenson

As well as designing Space Jam licensing art for various textile and manufacturing companies like Armitron, Thermos', Dr. Denton's, and Joe Boxer, Barry's career highlights include animation illustration for Disney, Hanna-Barberra, and Warner Bros..

Ethan Summers

Some of Ethans credits include, beautifully painted video box covers for animation and feature films, as well as Music CD covers, and presentation art for Warner Bros., Disney, and UAV Entertainment.

Phil Timper
 Phil has completed packaging design work for various industries from toys to cosmetics. Phil created the packaging and design for the Rainbow bright doll for Mattel and Dinosaur toothpaste for Plak Smacker Inc. Phil also did the graphic design for the Spawn Card boxes, logos and toy boxes.