Stephen Bliss
Based in London Stephen has kept himself busy producing his own comic strips, Baby on the Brink, Al Beano and Spinky and Spanky. He has also worked in advertising designing brand characters for Fosters Iced Beer, Nintendo, Sony, MTV and more. Bliss worked with Gibson Greetings on a line of greeting cards.

Tim Burgard
Besides comic illustration, Tim's talent for animation has earned him work with companies such as Disney and DC Comics.

Tony Cipriano
Hand picked by Comedy Central to be the official South Park sculpture artist. Tony has worked on sculptures for Creative License, Applause, DC, and more. He also sculpted maquettes for the Disney movie Mulan. His most recent project is the Yellow Submarine Model kit set of the four Beatles.

Tomm Coker
Tomm has illustrated various books, and some of his credits include X-Men, Gen13 and Maxx for comic companies like WildStorm, Marvel, Image and DC.

Draxhall Jump Studio

Artist Ken Lashley and his studio provides design work for various animation companies including Golden Film, Nelvanna and Lucas Films. Among the diverse jobs that have been done, this includes video box art, character and background style guides. 

Rick Hoberg
Rick Hoberg is a veteran animation art director, designer, and storyboard artist for such shows as X-Men, Avengers, and the revised SpiderMan. Rick has also provided lisencing art for The Star Wars Trilogy, and has worked with Fox, Dream Works Animation, DC, Marvel, Malibu, and Acclaim.

Paul Lopez

As a painter and illustrator, Paul specializes in high-end color work for animation presentations, licesned publishing and childrens books. His style ranges from highly detailed naturalistic to cartoon illustraton.

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Gianna Marino

Gianna has worked for various companies including Galoob, OddzOn, Sound Bites and Leap Frog to name just a few. Her multi-talented ability has made her quite a stand out in the industry.

Theresa Miller
In addition to her work in sculpture, illustration and animation, Theresa has worked with every major licensed character for toy development at Warner Bros., Universal, Disney and other companies.

Tom Morgan
Tom is a master of styles and media. He has done it all.He has worked for Marvel (Iron Man, Star Trek) and DC Comics (Superman), done Toy design (Toy Biz, Mattel), Presentation Boards, animation, storyboards.

Chuck Patton
An animation producer, director and designer for DIC's Carmen San Diego, GI Joe, Super Mario Brothers, James Bond Jr., Ultra Force, Double Dragon, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, Wish Kid and the animated Swamp Thing.

Louis Scarborough
Louis has taken his storyboard design experience and worked it into his toy design work for Hasbro.

Barry Stephenson

Barry's acclaimed animated style and experience has won him many projects with companies like Disney, Hanna Barberra, and Warner Bros., as well as designing for licensed art (Space Jam) for textile and manufacturing companies such as Thermos' and Joe Boxer.

Romeo Tanghal
Romeo has inked Teen Titans over George Perez, Green Lantern and more for DC and Marvel, he has also done design and animation work for Marvel on many shows such as Spiderman and Hulk.

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Lee Townsend

Lee's versatile style ranges from animation to superhero illustration,  licensed design art, and childrens titles. His credits include An American Tail 2, Power Rangers, Action Man, RugRats, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, for such companies as Disney, Warner Bros., Dragon Flys, Hanna-Barbara, and Marvel.

Peter Tumminello
In addition to his respected work in animation and multimedia gaming, Peter works as a freelance sculptor for Warner Brothers Studio Stores.

Kirk Van Wormer
In addition to Kirk's animation work he has been busy illustrating for some of the most popular comic book companies. His list of credits include, Nightman#13, Firearm #5,7 (Malibu). Ghost Rider Annual #1 and Nightstalkers (Marvel). Aquaman Annual '97 and Green Lantern Quarterly #7 for DC and more.