Joel Adams
Joel's credits include: Penthouse Comix's Young Captain Adventure as well as storyboards and trading cards for Fleer and others. Joel's work in commercial art and licensing includes: Power Rangers, Captain Scarlet and more.

Ian Akin
Ian Akin's sure hand and versatile inking style has kept him in high demand for years. His credits include Barb Wire and Agents of Law for Dark Horse and issues of Professor X and the X-men and X-men Unlimited titles for Marvel. He has also contributed to the Archon Shades of Noir series. As a writer, he co- produced the nationally syndicated comic strip, Fluff, with creator and artist Nina Paley.

Jeff Albrecht
Jeff has worked with Golden/Western on children's books. He has also worked with Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Fox, Mattel, Marvel, DC, and more.

Edmund Bagwell

English artist Edmund Bagwell is a contributor to Fleetway (Judge Dredd Megazine, 2000 A.D.). He is also an artist for games and multimedia development.

i_icon_ace.jpg (10470 bytes)
Tim Beaumont

Tim is not only a cartoonist but an illustrator as well, who has worked for a range of clients creating an interesting assortment of characters.

Al Bigley
Al has been doing comics, packaging art and promotional material for years. His clients include DC, Marvel, Warner's and Disney amongst others. He has illustrated a series of Harper-Collins/ Abrams-Gentile's Dragon Flyz children's books based on the popular toy.

Stephen Bliss
Based in London, Steven has kept himself busy producing his own comic strips, Baby on the Brink, Al Beano and Spinky and Spanky. He has also worked in advertising, designing brand characters for Fosters Iced Beer, Nintendo, Sony, MTV and more. Bliss worked with Gibson Greetings on a line of greeting cards.

June Brigman
June worked for Marvel on Powerpack amongst other projects. She has been involved with many children's books, some with her husband Roy. She has illustrated the Skydancer children's book series for Abrams-Gentile/Harper-Collins based on the popular toy.
i_icon_df copy.jpg (10243 bytes)
Roy Burdine
Roy Burdine has drawn comic books for Marvel, Nightwatch, and created his own character series- Deadforce. Additionally, he has done character work at Hasbro Toys new division. His current work mainstay is designing at Saban Animation.

Tim Burgard

Tim is a successful animator, designer, comic book and feature movie storyboard artist. Some of his career highlights include beautiful full color painting on Star Wars for Topps Trading Cards, concept and animatronic designs for the Luxor Hotel, storyboard art for Fox, and illustrations for Heroic comics. 

Eric Canete
Eric has been working full time on storyboards for Colossal Pictures' hit series Aeon Flux, for which he designed an Aeon Flux coffee table book. His exciting work can be seen on the Phantom 2040 animated series. He has also drawn Satanika, Venus Domina and other books for Verotik. Other credits include Overpower cards for Fleer.

Steve Carr
Steve has worked for Marvel, DC, Malibu and more. He has drawn a Silver Surfer/Thanos story for Marvel and is working on a comics based children's book. He also contributes heavily to Archon's line of gaming books.
i_icon.jpg (10492 bytes)
Ciruelo, born Ciruelo Cabral, started his career as a freelance artist before age 21. Ciruelo is an illustrator, a painter, and a digital atrist.

Tomm Coker
Tomm has illustrated various books for WildStorm, Marvel, DC and more. He has illustrated for Marvel's X-Men, and Gen13 and Maxx for Image.
Adam Conner  

Anna Maria Cool
Anna Marie has worked on Barbie for Marvel and for Hallmark on Imaginanimals and other licensed characters.

Carl Critchlow
Carl has worked on numerous comics projects. His acclaimed work includes full-color stories for Judge Dredd (Fleetway) and a Batman/Judge Dredd graphic novel. He also has several Lobo (DC) projects to his credit.

Toby Cypress

Toby Cypress credits include penciling the Predator: Homeworld miniseries for Dark Horse Comics.

James Daly
James has inked Mecha for DarkHorse and has done multiple character designs and illustrations for White Wolf Studios, and inked an Esteban Maroto story for Verotik. Jim served as a finisher on Ghostrider 2099, and has completed a Chillers and several What If's ? for Marvel. He also provides illustration and graphics for Ion Storm.

Armando Durruthy
An in house artist at WildStorm, Armando has worked on trading card sets for Fleer. He has also worked on computer game designs.

Draxhall Jump Studio

Draxhall was founded by artist; Ken Lashley who has done a long run on comic titles for Marvel's X-Men, Image's WildStorm, the Pitt, and several comic series for Chaos (Purgatori), DC (JLA) and Top Cow (Rising Stars).  Draxhall Jump works in other entertainment fields such as toys (Hasbro, Mattel), Animation (Gargoyles, Sam & Max), and Children's books (Barbie Activity) and magazines (Fox Kids).

i_icon.jpg (14796 bytes)
Robert Flores

Robert Flores is a regular  penciler for Marvel, who had long run on Sensational SpiderMan.

Chris Gardner
Chris worked with Marvel comics on several of their titles, including a Ken Griffey Jr. promotional comic. Chris is also branching out into commercial design work.

Brian Garvey
Long time DC inker, Garvey has worked on New Gods amongst other book and has been drawing, inking and working as a colorist for DC special projects. Garvey also works on animation, storyboards and design projects.
garza_ill_icon.jpg (14047 bytes)
Ale Garza
It's no wonder that new comer Ale (Ah-Lee) Garza is currently creating design concept art for Hasbro's Transformers project. Ale's knack for character and conceptual design illustration will keep him busy for a long time to come.

Juan Giménez
Juan Giménez is one of the most inventive and respected fantasy illustrators in the world. One of the foremost contributors to Heavy Metal Magazine, he has illustrated numerous comic stories and graphic novels, and has created cutting edge illustrations for magazines and book covers. Juan is a leading storyboard artist and designer for film and animation as well.

Miki Gross
Miki has worked on illustrations for fashion paper doll books and produced her own fashion doll newsletter. She has also illustrated Barbie for Sunshine books.

Paul Gulacy

Paul Gulacy is a celebrated comic artist and illustrator. His comics work includes Master of Kung-Fu (Marvel), and Batman (DC). With long-time collaborator Doug Moench, he developed the science-fiction title Six from Sirius (Epic). Most recently has has illustrated Star Wars: Crimson Empire for Dark Horse.

Sue Hall
Illustrator and plush designer specializing in girls toy development. Sue has worked for Disney and many other companies.

Glenn Head
Glenn has worked on commercial art for The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Interview and more. He has also worked in comics with the production of his own book Guttersnipe Comics, (Fantagraphics Books.)

Ben Herrera
Ben worked on Malibu's Freex and Firearm and also on The STAR for Image. He then worked on several X-books for Marvel, including the popular X-Men Adventures: Death of Jean Grey. Ben recently drew 101 Ways to Kill a Spiderclone. He also contributes to Archon's series of books and works with Ion Storm.

Rick Hoberg
Rick is a veteran artist, has two decades of comic book experience. He worked on Green Arrow (DC), Stranger (Marvel) and his own book Hero.

Rick Johnson
Rick has done toy designs for Toy Biz, Troll and Toad and other toy companies. He has done comic art for WildStorm and Marvel. Rick is also a very talented sculptor.

Jeff Lafferty
Jeff provided artwork for Verotik's anthology Verotika and penciled the last two stories in Lord Pumpkin for Malibu. He has also penciled for Harris and worked on Doom 2099 and X-Men: Book of the Askani for Marvel. He has signed to pencil a major science fiction series. He has also worked on character design for animation and game development for a number of different companies and drawn Hong on the Range for Flypaper Press.

Ken Lashley
As a comics penciler, Ken has done a long run on Marvel's X-Men and most notably Excaliber. He also worked regularly on the Wetworks series for Image-WildStorm. Most recently, he was penciling a J.L.A series for DC Comics as well as a Jade story for the 1999 Green Lantern secret files book and Top Cow titles, Darkness, Ascension, and Rising Stars. Also, Ken works in another media through his studio, Draxhall Jump.

Dan Lawlis
After working for Marvel, DC and Majestic, Dan has recently done Barb Wire and Agents of the Law for Dark Horse. He painted Star Lord by Star Wars novelist Tim Dzon, for Marvel.

Tom Lee
Some of Tom's credits include providing art for Trading Cards for Fleer and pin-ups for Verotik's Satanika.

Tracy Lee

Tracy is an illustrator and animator, has worked on many features for Disney studios.

i_icon_dblspdy .JPG (15249 bytes)
Ron Lim

Ron Lim has been a leading comic art for well over a decade. Besides the two industry leaders, Marvel and DC comics, doing Captain America, Silver Surfer, Spiderman Family, Sovereign 7, Wildthing, he was also a regular artist on the Xena comic based on the TV show.

i_icon_suess.jpg (13688 bytes)
Gianna Marino

Gianna Marino has created conceptual drawings, full color presentation comps and final design drawings for the toy and giftware industries.
maroto_ill_icon.jpg (17418 bytes)
Esteban Maroto
The legendary Maroto worked for Warren and Marvel and drew a story for Verotik's anthology series Verotika. He contributes artwork to Topps and to several European Publishers. Esteban is also doing illustrations for Archon Gaming Inc. and Verotik.
martin_ill_icon2.jpg (18857 bytes)
Mark Martin
Known for his hilarious comics and strips, Mark recently worked for Gibsons Greetings creating comic illustrations for a new line of cards and several toy companies. He currently has an animation project in development.
mattesi_ill_icon2.jpg (15176 bytes)
Mike Mattesi
Mike worked at Disney and various game companies, including Illusions and Crystal Dynamics. He has completed jobs for Saban, MTV Animation and Living books to name but a few. He has also designed toys for Hasbro based on DreamWorks projects.

i_icon_gator.jpg (10971 bytes)
Shawn McManus

As a penciler/ inker, Shawn has worked on a number of Marvel, DC, Malibu  Titles: Marvel Presents, Alan Moore's Swampthing, AX. He is also overseeing the art on comic web site founded by the co-creator of the Marvel Universe.

Steve Mellor
Steve started with Marvel Comics on Crazy and Marvel Tails title, and has been illustrating comics and children's books ever since.

Pop Mhan
Pop has been working on various books for Image, notably Avengelyne, Christian, Asylum and has penciled Marvel Fanfare and GhostRider for Marvel plus Teen Titans for DC. Currently, He is working with writer Peter David on the Spyboy comic series.
mighten_ill_icon2.jpg (18108 bytes)
Duke Mighten
Duke has drawn Judge Dredd for Fleetway and Accident Man and Brats Bizarre for Marvel UK and he made his American debut on a well received run of Punisher 2099. Duke has drawn many issues of Venus Domina and Satanika for Verotik.

Theresa Miller
In addition to her work in sculpture, illustration and animation, Theresa has worked with every major licensed character for toy development at Warner Bros., Universal, Disney and other companies.

Rolf Mohr

Rolf has illustrated sci-fi/fantasy book jackets, videos, games, and posters including Arthur C. Clarke's Reach For Tomorrow, C.J. Cherryh's Tripoint, Core Design's Curse of Enchantia, Universe, Dragonstone, and BC Racers. He has done design and visualization work for Games Workshop, Fantasy Forge, R. Talsorian and concepting for film and tv development including Mutant Chronicles, Superman Lives, Beast Wars and Dreamworks projects such as Cowboys & Aliens and Helen of Troy.

olsen_ill_icon2.jpg (16583 bytes)
Erich Olsen
Bright newcomer Erich Olsen has worked with Jeff Lafferty on WildStorm's Hong on the Range. Eric is currently considering comic book offers.

Dean Ormston

Besides Dean's beautiful full color painting work for 2000AD (Judge Dredd /Judge Death), Dean's illustration credits include Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual #1, Fall of the House of Usher, and The Eaters.

i_icon_buildg.JPG (13910 bytes)
Norman Quebedeau

Norm is a long time professional animator. He has designed and storyboarded many TV and other animation projects including Rugrats, Babes In Toyland, among others.

Barb Rausch
Barb has done work on Barbie for Mattel and Beauty and the Beast for First. Barb's been creating marvelous cartoons and comics for years.
robinson_ill_icon2.jpg (13524 bytes)
Roger Robinson
Roger penciled Prototype, Warstrike for Malibu, Spiderman 2099 for Marvel and Flash, Justice League Task Force and Eradicator for DC. He is the regular artist on DC's Azrael and is designing toys for Hasbro.
sharp_ill_icon3.jpg (16668 bytes)
Liam Sharp
Liam has done amazing things with The Incredible Hulk for Marvel and penciled GOTH for Verotik as well as doing a Batman for DC. He's drawn DeathDealer for Verotik. and Manthing for Marvel. Currently, he is drawing
siergey_ill_icon2.jpg (17777 bytes)
James Siergey
Jim has designed for McDonalds, Hearst Newspapers, Procter and Gamble, Quaker Oats, Duracell and more. He specializes in character design, storyboarding and cartoon illustration.
simonton_ill_icon4.jpg (16957 bytes)
Tom Simonton
Tom is now the regular penciler on Elvira for Claypool as well as his own series, Amazon woman. He has provided a painted cover for Shades of Noir #1.
staples_ill_icon3.jpg (17539 bytes)
Greg Staples
Greg works on 2000AD and Judge Dredd for Fleetway. He's painted Slaine the Beserker and worked on the popular Loaded game from Interplay.
stephenson_ill_icon.jpg (14784 bytes)
Barry Stephenson
Barry's work in licensing has encompassed every major licensed character for companies such as Disney, Universal and Warner Bros.
summers_ill_icon5.jpg (13366 bytes)
Ethan Summers
Ethan specializes in licensed work for apparel and toys. He has worked with every major licensed character for companies such as Disney, Universal and Warner Bros.

Romeo Tanghal
Romeo has inked Teen Titans over George Perez, Green Lantern and more for DC and Marvel, he has also done design and animation work for Marvel on many shows such as Spiderman and Hulk.
thompson_ill_icon2.jpg (18808 bytes)
Wayne Thompson
Wayne has worked on numerous spot illustrations for various publications in his native England. In the United States Wayne has worked on designs for animated characters and Marvel kids guides. He has worked with Gibson Greetings on a line of greeting cards.

John Totleben

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend is a long time commercial and license artist who's style also includes animation as well as superhero illustration. His credits include An American Tail 2, Power Rangers, Action Man, RugRats, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, for such companies as Disney, Warner Bros., Dragon Flyz, Hanna-Barbara, and Marvel.

trabbold_ill_icon3.jpg (16549 bytes)
Andrew Trabbold

Andrew has been a long time White Wolf illustrator. Andrew is currently working on an up and coming DC Comics project to debut in 1999.

turnbull_ill_icon4.jpg (18522 bytes)
Coy Turnbull

Newcomer Coy Turnbull works with WAM studio (founded by Walter McDaniel). He has recently penciled a Young Justice story for DC Comics, and Nova for Marvel.
vanwormer_ill_icon2.jpg (19149 bytes)
Kirk Van Wormer
In addition to Kirk's animation work he has been busy illustrating for some of the most popular comic book companies. His list of credits include, Nightman#13, Firearm #5,7 (Malibu). Ghost Rider Annual #1 and Nightstalkers (Marvel). Aquaman Annual '97 and Green Lantern Quarterly #7 for DC and more.

Chris Weston
Chris has worked on Swamp Thing, Grant Morrison's Invisibles and has worked for Fleetway. His magnum opus book Canon Fodder debuted in 1996. He has been asked to lead off with one of the first series in DC's new science fiction line.
wilshire_ill_icon2.jpg (19491 bytes)
Mary Wilshire
Mary has worked on What If? And Red Sonja for Marvel and on various Barbie titles as well as maintaining a lucrative career in illustration.

zanier_ill_icon3.jpg (15166 bytes)
Christian Zanier

Christian works with Draxhall Jump Studio (founded by Ken Lashley), and has been pencilling for Dark Horse Comic's ongoing series Ghost (issues 1-10), as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, and the spin-off Angel. For Top Cow, he split art chores with Ken Lashley on Tales of the Witchblade and Rising Stars.